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Three Choi Bros SOY Cheongkukjang pill, GOLD 180g

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Three Choi Bros SOY Cheongkukjang pill, GOLD 180g 




All products of THREE  CHOI BROS are wellbeing food, free from preservatives and food additives 


All products of THREE CHOI BROS are healthy fermented food used for HALLYU (trend of Korea) food.


THREE CHOI BROS Fermented Soybean Pill soybean (fermented soybean powder) ingredient 97%, oligosaccharide 3%: This product is popular among various ages including elderly. Chew or take with milk, honey or yogurt. Excellent in anticancer effect (savory taste)

LOHAS Certification: the certification system that prioritizes consumer value based on stability, environmental fitness, healthiness and social contribution of enterprise / the first company in healthy fermented food category that has secured HACCP certification on fermented soybean lump (MEJU) systematic control of production, manufacturing, distribution and food hygiene/ The products manufactured using cutting-edge equipments and traditional fermentation technology /

Products of the THREE CHOI BROS provide consistent taste throughout by using constant temperature fermenting technology, solving the problem of inconsistency, the biggest weakness of competitors’. 


Products of THREE CHOI BROS are sold to customers from abroad through duty free shops. Its products were selected as differentiated and innovative items and introduced by TV and various daily papers and sold through famous shopping malls. The products have been chosen as a return gift used by several institutes including Korea International Trade Association


Choi Geon-cheol, CEO 

 Three Choi Bros Co., Ltd. 

Tel +82 62-351-6802

Fax +82 62-352-6803




Healthy fermented food representing Korea.


This product is essential in cooking of Korean food. 


We acquired Mejoo (fermented soy bean) HACCP first in Korea top secure food safety and it is packed in clean area.  


Three Choi Bros. fermented food is antiseptic-free, safe and clean. 


This goods has been made through long time of fermentation process, not mixing with antiseptics flavoring additives, Three Choi Bros. pack nutrition contained in fermented food to differentiate from other products. 


Adjustment of container, capacity and quantity are available and also it is available to localize for local taste through differentiated fermentation technology.  


Sample can be provided upon request. 

As it has been recognized as a good product, it is sold in duty free shops and we Three Choi Bros. supply unique our product for consumers health.  


Three Choi Bros. is our brand expressing our heart considering our customers' health and safety as much as our family's. Thank you. 



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Three Choi Bros SOY Cheongkukjang pill_ GOLD 180g

Three Choi Bros SOY Cheongkukjang pill_ GOLD 180g